Goldiggerz is an exclusive FREE collection of 10,000 of the sexiest girls in Miami. 🌴

800 of us are going to stay in Miami so we can keep the party going. 🥳

Goldiggerz was a project made for Nicki Minaj herself 😳 After things fell through we decided to rebrand these beautiful ladies and give them to you guys for free. 

We have some big things planned so make sure you join our discord to stay up-to-date and don’t forget to click our EXCLUSIVE CONTENT below to see what’s in store. 💰


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Must be 18 to enter.

Goldiggerz Event Calendar

We want to give a whole new meaning to the word Goldigger 🤔 So it’s our turn to take care of you, and we’re going to. Trust me. ❣️

First Stop

Reward our members with HUGE giveaways then reveal the PRICELESS necklace and the HUGE ADVANTAGE that comes with owning one!

Second Stop

Utilize our extensive connections in the Miami and Las Vegas areas to throw 2 of the biggest parties these cities have ever seen.

Third Stop

We are in the process of building a partnership with an up-and-coming cannabis distributer on the East Coast. We will be using a majority of our royalty profits to try to establish our own brand in the cannabis industry with one-of-a-kind Oil Pens, gummies, and exotic treats. A percentage of all of these sales will be distributed into a liquidity pool for our GDZ COIN and given back to our holders as a benefit for staking.

Fourth Stop

Once we establish a name in the Ethereum blockchain, our marketing team will be consistently scouting club owners in the Miami and Las Vegas area to build partnerships with our brand along with using our own connections.

Fifth Stop

We will be releasing a 2nd collection of the sexiest girls in Las Vegas. All of our current holders will be AirDrop’d a majority of these for free. We can’t wait for you to meet our friends.